A Bilingual Beetroot

the wakeful lark hailed the rising light that re-animates the whole of creation

If I ever have a theory, of any kind, about some topic that I find interesting, and I think it’s good enough to write down so other people can read it, you know what I’ll do?

I’ll write it down in plain words. And then I’ll explain it. Clearly. In normal language, in a nice logical, coherent order. No repetition or unnecessary things. Just plainly, simply and helpfully.

Easy, really.

What puzzles me, is that we have had a great number of fantastically intelligent people walk the earth and write about what they thought of it, but there are vast numbers of them who had absolutely no concept of such a possibility. Why did they all decide that their ideas are all so bloody clever that they can’t be explained in any other way than with gobbledygook? 

If I submitted an essay in the style of Freud or Nietzsche, I would fail. I would be told that there was no clarity in my writing, that I rambled and did not explain the point properly, thus my arguments could not possibly stand. But apparently if you’re a genius, you’re allowed to write so that other people have no idea what you’re talking about.

Makes sense, no?


Vielleicht recht glücklich

I have never done this before so bear with me.

I’ve never put my thoughts out in a public way before, so I reckon it’ll take a while before I find my style and get comfortable with expressing myself, especially if I’m trying to do it bilingually. I keep trying to tell myself that today is a new day, that all the things I did yesterday to avoid doing other things will be put to one side, and that one day I’ll actually jump out of bed on time and sit down to research that essay at 9am like I want to. So, I’m getting up the confidence to put myself out there, and to start doing everything I say I will.

Ludwig Tieck said that “Der Mensch wäre vielleicht recht glücklich, wenn er so ungestört sein Leben bis ans Ende fortfahren könnte”. Maybe you would think you were happy for a while, but I reckon life would get boring. You need to stir up your own life and sometimes other people come and stir it up for you and make you happy. If you don’t know anything other than satisfaction with your situation, how do you know you are really satisfied? And what if there’s something more out there that you missed because you were so busy defending yourself from all those people who wanted to come and interrupt your life. So this is me, interrupting my laziness and inertia before it becomes too much of a habit. Doing something different. My room might be a good place to start.